At Epic Contract and Permanent Placement Staffing LLC, a healthcare staffing in Gardena, California, we don’t follow a “one-solution-for-all” process. We acknowledge the fact that our clients will have different goals, staffing requirements, and other specific requests – all of which we aim to address by providing customized services designed to meet each client’s needs.

Here’s a general view of our selection process:

professionals having a meeting

  1. We will assess the needs of our clients (be it employers looking for staff members or job seekers looking for a career opportunity).
  2. After an evaluation of their needs, we will tap into our network and resources to help our clients find the solutions that they are looking for.
  3. We will present the options to our clients – they will always have the last say in the process. After all, this is about their needs and we are simply here to provide our clients with the best solutions possible to choose from.
  4. Once the clients have chosen, we will go about making the proper arrangements (signing of papers and etc.).

We always do our best to exceed the expectations of our clients. For a more detailed discussion about our selection process, please contact us at 310-217-4000. We will be happy to discuss things further with you.