Our Fields of Expertise

Welcome to Epic Staffing LLC Services. We are delighted you’ve considered us worthy to partner you. Below is a snapshot of our services.

Job Placement Services

General Recruitment Service

Career Guidance

Our Selection Process

  1. We place advertisements in the media and on various web sites detailing available positions.
  2. Candidates forward their resumes and register with us through our website, Suitable candidates are then selected from the databank.
  3. The selected candidates are then invited for a preliminary interview on behalf of the client. Ideally, the client will provide their preferred selection criteria.
  4. After short listing, we briefly orientate the candidates on the clients’ business and the culture of the region of operation.
  5. Once the client proves satisfied with the outcome of the preliminary screening, we invite the short listed candidates for a final interview with the client.
  6. The successful candidates (as selected by the client) are sent for a medical checkup as per the clients’ specifications.

Our approach is to offer guidance and career advice to candidates and Human resource consultancy and Recruitment services to employers.
We strive to understand the goals and desires of each; thus providing expert services to employers, and honest and timely feedback to candidates. We are ethical and assume personal and legal responsibility in our approach.

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