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Adequate Staffing: Why It’s Important

Running a healthcare facility is no easy feat. As establishments that are in charge of taking care of people and saving lives, they must have enough manpower to take care of all aspects of the daily operations, particularly patient care. Epic Contract and Permanent Placement Staffing LLC, a provider of healthcare staffing in Gardena, California, … Continue reading

Your Guide to Using a Medical Staffing Agency

One of the biggest challenges for healthcare provider organizations these days is finding the right talent. Before you can discover the right candidate, you usually have to go through tons of applications, interviews, and negotiations that consume so much of your precious time. Why not consider using a provider of healthcare staffing in Gardena, California … Continue reading

3 Reasons Why You Should Work with a Staffing Agency

Are you looking for a job in the healthcare industry? Whether you’re a fresh graduate or an experienced professional, the process of finding your next employer is never an easy thing to do. It takes a toll on your savings, your mind, and even on your emotional well-being. But despite that, searching for a job … Continue reading

Top 7 Qualities That a Registered Nurse Should Have

The healthcare industry is definitely facing one of the biggest challenges today – staffing shortage. Staffing solutions in California must be used and implemented to ensure that there are plenty of staff to provide care to the ever-growing number of patients in various care settings. While there is a shortage of staff in the healthcare … Continue reading